Real Estate Photography of New England


Make the small investment in having professional quality photographs for your listings. It is proven that catchy photos are what determines who will want to visit the property! We offer professional real estate photography in New England and upstate New York.

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Are you looking for real estate photography?

Did you know that people who browse through real estate listings make their decision on which property to visit in a matter of seconds, and primarily based on the photos and videos of the property.

As a real estate agent, you are selling a high-priced product,  worth multiple tens of thousands of dollars to your clients, and worth thousands of dollars to yourself.

Why not spend a few hundred dollars to get the best photographs of your listings? Photos that will get more traffic to your open houses. Photos that will get your phone ringing more often. Photos that will lead to a faster sale of your listings?

If you would like me to be that photographer, book me. I have experience in shooting real estate photography and know exactly how to post-process photos for maximum impact.

I am laid back and easy to work with. A good photo-shoot will most likely take about 2 hours. I do not like to be rushed. I like to first take in the whole property and get a sense for what’s important and not. See if we can create emotional touch-points with the property photos and the potential buyer. Only after an initial walk-through of the property will I start shooting.


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