Killington Host

The people at Killington Host wanted to have their own web site to promote their co-hosting services for owners of vacation rental properties on sites like AirBnb.

Since you cannot promote yourself as a co-host on these platforms, they decided that a web site would be a great promotional tool and serve as a great landing page for their outreach programs. They also wanted to use the web site to inform renters who stay at their properties about special deals and recommendations in the area, as well as to order custom services (e.g., grocery shopping). They wanted all that content to be password-protected.

We created all the copy for the site, as well as all the photography. One of the services being offered to owners is to shoot their property, which is done by us at Human Observations.

As a secondary project, we have now been retained to do SEO for Killington Host. Besides using the web site as a landing page for their outbound marketing programs, they now also want to see some traffic through organic search.

Check out the site, or look at some of the screenshots below.

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