Killington Pico Area Association

The Killington Pico Area Association is the local Chamber of Commerce. They had a really dated site, along with a broken membership section. They also had 2 separate sites for their two main fundraising events, in effect competing with their primary site. We approached the project in three phases.

First, we redesigned the website. As part of that, we redesigned the logo. We used original photography from their events as well as drone photography from a custome shoot. In a few cases we also used photos from other photographers who had given the Killington Pico Area Association permission to use it for the new website.

Phase 2 was redesigning the membership area, where members could change their own info, the way you do it on Google My Business Listing.

The third phase was to combine all three websites into one (the main website, and the two fundraising event websites).

Feel free to check out the website at, or click on some of the screenshots below.

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