SEO Case Study: Prestige Real Estate

When we took over the Prestige Killington website, we not only had design issues with the site, but we also found out that the site was not creating viable leads for the company.

Part of the reason for the issue is that they were ranking really high for terms related to "prestige" that had nothing to do with real estate. Another set of challenges had to do with the fact that they only focus on one town, Killington VT, and that they only handle sales, not rentals. Of course most other agencies do not work that way.

The technical aspects of SEO were taking care of when we rebuilt the site, but the organic and local SEO aspects were challenging. We needed to have a strong local presence, but not for locals, we needed to be a local buyer's destination for people looking to buy in Killington, VT from the NYC metropolitan area, some areas in NJ, CT and the Boston area.

We also needed to score high on the type of properties that Prestige was targeting, and bring in sellers as leads.

Making a long story short, a few months after we started working for them, they sent out a quarterly newsletter thanking their customers for eclipsing their nearest competitor in sales by a factor 5x. Some competitors had as much as 4 times the number of agents in their office.

Prestige Killington's website.

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