Spa at the Woods

The Spa at the Woods in Killington is one of the nicest day spas in the area.

The Spa were struggling with an old, dated website that was clearly not attracting online business. The site was using "cliche" stock photography, and the copy was non-inviting, sounding like the amorphous "corporate-speak" found on many sites.

Their own Google Business Listing had never been claimed, and it listed the wrong phone number. The site's SEO was terrible. If you searched for terms like "massage killington," or "wellness killington," they were not  showing up until page 3 or 5 on Google searches.

We took on the project 3 weeks before Thanksgiving and the Women's World Cup Race in Killington, VT.  Our goal was to launch before that long weekend.

We shot original photography, wrote compelling copy, make the site personable by listing some of the therapists bios, and built the site in time for the Holiday weekend and the World Cup.

As part of the new site, which was not intended to be a full-fledged ecommerce site, we added the ability to request a booking -- which gets answered within 2 hours. The results of the feature have been phenomenal, with people requesting online bookings every day. We also optimized the site for SEO, which led to the business listing and the organic search listings for almost all keyphrases to show up on the first page of Google Search results.

Feel free to check out the website at or click on some of the screenshots below.

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