We love to build sophisticated websites, including ecommerce sites, and frankly, we are good at it. We build our sites on WordPress and Woocommerce, which powers close to 50% of all websites, and 30% of all online stores.

Quoting a price for an complex site can be tricky as there are so many variable that come into play. An website can be a simple site to inform customers about your thinking, or to sell a limited number of physical or digital products from your local business. It can also be a multi-vendor marketplace with hundreds or thousands of multi-faceted products, including services and bookable products, and it can include sites with features like affiliate programs or ambassador programs.

One way or the other, we like doing them all! But they are not turnkey…

In order to assess the complexity of your site, and to ensure that we quote something that will meet your needs, we have developed the request for proposal found below.

Take some time to share your details with us, and we will get back with you within one business day.

If you prefer, you can also email us at [email protected]

Building an e-commerce website RFP form

Please fill out this form when requesting a proposal for an e-commerce site.
    Multi-vendor sites are sites like Airbnb, where multiple vendors can sell their goods.
    Below are a set of choices for the products you will be selling. Click all that apply. Here are definitions for the terms being used: 1) physical products: products that will be shipped 2) downloadable products: digital products such as e-books and digital photos 3) virtual products: products that don't ship such as an online lesson. 4) bookable products: products that require picking a booking on a calendar, such as a massage booking. 5) variable products: products that come in different shapes or colors 6) product add-ons: products that can include add-on options. 7) subscriptions: are sites where you sell memberships that allow access to member-only sections of the site.
    Social login capabilities include the ability for users to login using their login from Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and other social platforms.
    When we say integrate with other systems, we mean other software applications -- and not payment gateways.
    Tell us whether we will be expected to deliver the following services as part of the e-commerce platform development.
  • Please enter 0 if you will do all the product population. If you expect us to deliver a site with products, tell us how many you are expecting.
  • Besides the product pages, how many pages are you expecting in your web site (about us, contact us, etc.)
  • Let us know if you are trying to imitate some other site, or if you already have a site to start from. Let us know anything else that would be important to you and that might affect your cost.
  • Tell us your budget or your budget range. If we know what you have to work with, we can be better is giving you a proposal that would work for you.
  • When would you like to launch your e-commerce site? How many weeks, months after we start would you like to have your site up and running?
    Let us know if you would have the time for a preliminary phone call to review all the requirements for your e-commerce website.