Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an absolute must for your business. Building a website without SEO, is like setting up a storefront in the desert -- no one will show up. We think of SEO differently than most SEO experts. Sure, traffic and key-phrase ranking are important, but in the end, what counts are leads -- prospects who want your products and services.


A website without SEO is like a storefront in the desert.


Deliberate & Focused

SEO for us is somewhat different than for other SEO experts in the field. Yes, we do focus on traffic, key-phrases, and getting good core vitals from Google, but in the end, if it does not increase your pipeline of prospects and customers, we did not do a good job. That is why, on most SEO projects, we like to be compensated based on performance -- performance that matters to you (e.g., increased leads, increased phone calls, etc.)

Here are some of the things we can do to help you from an SEO perspective:

Technical SEO:

Google, Bing and other search engines want to make sure that if they send a person searching for something to your site, they will have a great experience. That means, among other things, that your site should look great on mobile, be fast on all platforms, and meet other criteria that Google and others use to predict the experience a user will have on your website. We have the right combination of technical knowhow, marketing expertise, and user experience design to help you make the experience one that search engines will like.

Content based SEO:

The next most important part of SEO is making sure that the content you present to a person searching for something, meets with that person's intent. So, if someone is looking for information about the dog wood tree, and you present them with information about dog toys, that person will either not click on your link, or come your site, and leave immediately (leading to a high bounce rate).  When Google and other search engines notice this, they won't send as much traffic to your site. It gets much more complicated than that, with Google now looking for semantic synonyms, rather than exact key-phrases (e.g., hound vs dog, warm vs. romantic, etc.), but you get the gist of this part of SEO.

Local SEO and special snippets:

Local SEO, which means that people who are in your locality can find you easily, e.g., someone looking for a local spa, or a local eatery, is a different animal all together. Showing up in the Google 3-pack, or in the hotel 4-pack, or the snack-pack for restaurants can mean a world of difference in the amount of traffic that will show up to your business. Local SEO can also be used to successfully geo-target people in other locations, like targeting people in NYC who are looking for a destination wedding in Vermont for example.

Again, we know how to successfully leverage local SEO for your business traffic.


Our main areas of expertise


We love making sure that people who visit your site have an awesome experience from a speed point of view and from a user experience viewpoint.


Matching your content with the intent of the person searching for it, and doing it in a way that sounds like the way you would explain something to your mother, is what we love to do.


Capturing the attention of people who are visiting your area, and who are looking for local businesses is not something we love to do, it is what can make or break a local business.


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